How VBreathe Tasman works

VBreathe Tasman is both an air purifier and all‑natural air detoxifier

All-Natural Air Detoxifier

VBreathe Tasman uses a unique, patented and active approach to purify and detoxify the surrounding indoor air in an all-natural way. It expels microscopic all-natural VActive Gel vapours into the surrounding air to hunt down and remove harmful toxins and pathogens in the air and on surfaces. Other detoxifiers use technologies like ozone and hydroperoxide, which are not safe to be used when humans are in the room on a daily basis.

Air Purifier

VBreathe Tasman uses HEPA-filtration to purify the air that passes through the device, as do many other purifiers. However, relying on HEPA-filtration alone is not enough, as no matter how big or powerful an air purifier is, these passive devices cannot purify the air faster than the harmful pathogens can grow indoors, because the air must pass through the device.

VActive Gel vapours

The microscopic, all-natural VActive Gel vapours – made from a specially formulated blend of Australian essential oils – are expelled and suspended into the surrounding air to significantly reduce airborne pathogens.

The technology works by vapourising the VActive Gel into the indoor air, creating micro essential oils vapours that float. These vapours remain suspended in the air for long periods, gently distributed and continuously circulated by the fan in the device.

As the micro vapours float through the air, they latch onto air particles. It is these harmful air particles that carry mould, bacteria, droplets and viruses.

The suspended micro-vapours surround and encapsulate these harmful, floating air particles and starve them of oxygen so that they cannot reproduce. This natural, suspended micro-vapour technology is revolutionary because it offers protection that is always present in the air – and no other technology can offer this.

How it works on surfaces

Normally, the harmful bacteria, pathogens and contaminated airborne droplets are continually spreading through the indoor air and landing on surfaces. With VBreathe Tasman, these floating dangers are immediately surrounded and encapsulated in mid-air, contained and stopped from reproducing. When these encapsulated pathogen particles land on a surface, they can no longer contaminate it.

How the smart sensors work

There are smart sensors built into the Tasman which detect smoke, mould, carbon monoxide and harmful PM2.5 particles. Air quality is indicated by a coloured light ring on the device and in our Air Chain Control mobile app.

HEPA filtration + VActive Gel technology
Other air purifiers
HEPA filtration, ioniser, etc
Air purifier + air detoxifier
Capable of reducing a strand of coronavirus with 99.9% efficiency
Natural air vapours capture pathogens in mid-air
Reduces viruses without needing to pass air through the device
All natural ingredients from Australia
Completely portable
100% Food Safe Certified
Tested independently at top Australian universities and laboratories
Winner of New South Wales Government Award for Coronavirus

Independent testing reports

 air detoxifier


Eurofins Laboratories found VBreathe capable of reducing a strand of coronavirus with 99.9% efficiency. This strand of coronavirus is accepted by the TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration) as a surrogate for COVID-19.


Reduction in the following Bacteria:
Staphylococcus aureus - 99.9%
Escherichia coli - 99.9999%
Pseudomonas aeruginosa - 90%
Enterococcus hirae - 99.999%

 air detoxifier


88% reduction in the mould count within 24 hours and after 3 days there was a 95% reduction.


As per ISO 10993-5:2009 standards, the VBreathe Tasman’s controlled aerosolised droplets (vapours) are not toxic and do not adversely affect nasal and lung epithelial cells.


In 60 minutes, concentration of 1 Micron and 2.5 Micron particles were reduced by 97% and 96% respectively.


The VBreathe Tasman is Certified safe to be used in food areas.

VActive Gel is food-safe, child-safe and pet-safe


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